lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

English II

Hi Welcome to my Web.....

...My name is Alexandra. I´m 18 years old. I´m study mass comunication at Urbe. I live in Urb. Los Mangos. I like go out with my friends and I love the pasta but I don´t like the vegetables.

Unit Nº 9.

I really likeis the apple and I don´t strawberries. I love the chocolate and always eat evening . My favorite food is pizza and I need eat grains because is very importante.

Unit Nº 10.

I´m alexandra. I can play tennis very well with my friends and I play tennis in my house because in my house there is a field. I can´t draw is very difficult for my.

Unit Nº 11.

My birthday is on December 16th, 1988 and for these reas0n is my favorite month because is my birthday and I´m going to celebrato Christmes with my family.
The next week I´m going to the cinema with my friends and I´m going to see 300

Unit Nº 12.

Alexandra: Hi! Miguel.
Miguel: Hi! Alexandra. Howw are you?
Alexandra: I´m not so good, actually
Miguel: Why? What´s the matter?
Alexandra: I have a headache
Miguel:You should take some aspin
Alexandra:Oh! good thank´s, Miguel.

Unit Nº 13.

My house in Urb. Los Mangos. Across from Urb. las Amalias. Behind the C.D.I Hospital.

Unit N° 14.

Hi, Saturday go to the party with my friends and Sunday I was with all my family reunited in my house we ate for lunch, we counted jokes and was very good. I am used to passing Sunday my family along with

Thank´s for have visite my Web. I wait that in new oportuniti.